Week 3 – Halfway

Semana Tres!
Hey everyone! First off, thank you all for your emails and messages. I’ve loved receiving them and hearing what’s up with you guys. Also, thank you for your prayers. I feel them every day. I love you guys!

On Wednesday, we got to go to the temple again! It is such a cool experience and the Spirit is so strong there. I love the temple and miss having so many around me like I did back in Utah haha I probably won’t get to go for the next 2 years so it was kind of weird going through for the last time. Me and my companion, Elder Smith have this friend in the cafeteria named Pierre and he’s just this super funny guy from like Haiti and he always gets so excited when he sees us haha.

Days are moving quickly here. It is crazy my time in the MTC is already halfway up. My first week felt twice as long as these last two weeks. We are all getting excited to get out into the field and I’m sure that excitement is only gonna grow.

On Sunday, me and my companion got called as zone leaders! Normally, zone leaders are just called for a week or two until they leave for the field but we will be the zone leaders for three weeks! So that’s exciting, it’s more responsibility but more opportunities to serve so that’s good.

We taught our Priesthood Quorum on Sunday and that went well. We taught on Prophets and Revelation and told a cool story of Joseph Smith that was in Chapter 3 or 4 of the new Saints book about obedience.

The rest of the week is good! It’s so crazy how quickly time is moving. I’m so excited to get out into the field and start teaching the people of Argentina! I love this gospel so much! This week, we had a cool experience reading 3 Nephi 11 as a class. It is such a cool chapter and shows Jesus’ love for all of us. I’m so grateful for him, my brother, and for his love for me, and for all of us. He loves us so much more than we can imagine. I love all you guys. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. The church is true!


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